Lucovital Obesimed Bloc Capsules for Weight loss / Control

Supplements, diet pills and medical devices need to be taken alongside a calorie controlled diet. If you continue to over eat then you will not lose weight.

Obesimed Bloc acts to remove the fat and cholesterol from food by binding them into a non-soluble form which is then released from the body undigested when you go to the toilet. This process will be known to people as fat binding or high lipid binding. You are in short hindering the fat storage process. This process shouldn’t be confused with Fat Burners which speeds up the metabolism.

Try now with a sample pack for just £7

There are a number of fat binders on the market including XLS-medical Fat Binder.

The retail price for 180 tablets of the XLS product is £69.99 and is available at Boots for £60 and Amazon for £59.99.*

Obesimed Bloc is sold in packs of 30 capsules for £7 and a 30 day supply of 180 capsules to support a weight reduction diet would cost just £42. A significant saving on XLS Medical.

Prices correct as of 11th April 2022

Sample Pack

Pack of 30 tablets. Ideal so you can try Obesimed Bloc without obligation.


Weight Control

1 capsule twice a day for weight control. One month supply. Free Shipping

£14/Free Shipping

Weight Loss

3 capsules twice a day for weight control. One month supply. Free Shipping

£42/Free Shipping

How to take

Obesimed Bloc are taken twice per day 15 minutes before a main meal with a large glass of fluid. You would take between 1 and 3 capsules depending if you are supporting a weight reduction or weight control diet.

Side Effects

Fat binders are not known to know to have significant side effects, although in some cases they can cause stomach aches and diarrhoea

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