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Megaplast Cosmetic Patches for Cracked Heels 6's (7.8cm x 7.9cm)


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Cracked heel patches 6 pack. 

Megaplast Cosmetic Patches for Cracked Heels 6's (7.8cm x 7.9cm)

6 cosmetic cracked heel patches. Size 7.8cm x 7.9cm. Results visible in one week. Hypoallergic and dermatologically tested. Made in Italy. A medical device.

The patches for cracked heels act on the thickened skin, smoothing it through the ingredient PAPAIN, a natural by-product of Papaya juice, which starts up a natural skin regeneration process.

The combination of natural hydration factors, urea, vitamin B5, amino acids and mineral nutrients, returns water to the area from the dermis' deeper layers, thus producing effective hydration and softening action which results in heel skin that is soft and elastic.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: 1. Cleanse and dry the area involved carefully. 2. Remove the patch from the package and detach the first half of the protective support, using the specific tab. 3. Press the adhesive part to the heel, as indicated in the illustrations, making sure that it is firmly attached. 4. Remove the second half of the protective support and attach the rectangular part to the back of the heel, while the side wings must be attached to the sides of the heel. 5. Press slightly on the patch to make sure it totally adheres to the skin. 6. Leave to act and remove after 12 hours.

WARNINGS: Cosmetic product. For external use only. Keep out of children's reach. In the event of hypersensitivity, stop using of the product immediately.

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