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Free Fast Shipping on orders over £20 (details)

LED Photon Light Therapy Mask


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This clever LED face treatment mask utilises ultra-light nanotechnology combined with LED technology to deliver professional and effective home-use facial treatment.

Light therapy used to be reserved for those with the disposable cash to splurge at expensive Spa's and treatment facilities, but no longer - you can now get those exclusive treatments while sat on the sofa, or while watching re-runs of friends (if you fancy that!)

The big question is, what is Light Therapy? and how do these different LEDs affect your skin? Well, here's 'the science'...

  • Red LED wavelength 620 - 750nm: This provides anti-ageing benefits and boosts collagen production, to enhance elasticity and protect against premature wrinkles.
  • Blue LED - wavelength 476 - 495nm: This wavelength safely penetrates below the surface layer of skin, clinically proven to kill acne-causing bacteria without pain or discomfort
  • Amber LED - wavelength 590 - 620nm: Help stimulate lymphatic flow, blood circulation and oxygen exchange, to reduce pigmentation while increasing cell turnover for a more rejuvenated complexion

This pioneering technology was developed with NASA scientists who used Light Therapy to actively treat a range of illnesses and symptoms, Talk about amazing!  Why wouldn't you want to have that at home?

Now we can all benefit from that work to make our skincare routine the best It can be.

This product comes with a Universal USB connector to enable charging with any adaptor or USB-accepting device. 

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