Clear & Simple Pregnancy Test Strips 2pk
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Clear & Simple Pregnancy Test Strips 2pk


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Each box contains 2 pregnancy test strips and an instruction leaflet.

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Pregnancy Test Strips Pack Contents

Each box contains 2 foil pouches and an instruction leaflet. The pouch contains 1 pregnancy test stick and a silica gel sachet (drying agent), You do not need to take a urine sample because you can test directly in your urine stream, but if you wish to do so, ensure it is collected in a clean and dry container.

Reading The Pregnancy Test Result


If two coloured lines appear in the result window you are pregnant. One line may appear lighter than the other, but they will both be the same thickness. A faint line is more likely to occur when you are testing early and your hCG levels are low.


If only one coloured line appears in the result window) this is a negative result and you are either not pregnant or you may have tested too early, If you are i unsure repeat the test in 48 hours with a new test stick.


If no lines appear anywhere in the result window or if only the test line appears, the test has not worked property and is invalid. This is usually due to the stick being under or over wetted. Repeat the test with a new test stick ensuring that the How to Test! Instructions have been followed carefully.

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