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Free Fast Shipping on orders over £20 (details)

XLS-Medical Max Strength 40 Capsules for Weight loss / Control

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Helps you lose weight faster

  • Reduce calorie intake from fat, sugars and carbs
  • Fight food cravings
  • Lose weight faster
  • Use weight loss aids sourced from a natural plant ingredient

Take 2 XLS-MEDICAL MAX STRENGTH tablets with water 2 times a day,
30 minutes before main meals.
Don’t forget to drink 2 litres of water during the day.
Do not exceed 4 tablets of XLS-MEDICAL MAX STRENGTH daily.

Whilst taking XLS-MEDICAL Max Strength is an important step to managing your weight, it is viewed as part of an overall weight management plan. It is a medical device for effective weight management, when taken in combination with a balanced diet and regular physical activity.

XLS-Medical Max Strength tablets have clinically proven efficacy. XLS-Medical Max Strength is certified as a medical device, and has a well-established safety profile and tolerability.

The active ingredient Clavitanol blocks some of the activity of specific digestive enzymes. As a result, some dietary carbohydrates, sugar and fat consumed are left undigested as they are too large to be absorbed in the intestine. This helps you lose weight as they are naturally passed through your system.


For an alternative see Obesimed Bloc.


To substantiate claims please see the XLS Medical Website.

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