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Free Fast Shipping on orders over £20 (details)

Clear Up Blackhead Strips for Blackhead Removal / Pore Strips


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  • Premium blackhead strips for effective blackhead removal.
  • Immediate results.
  • Special anatomically designed shape for nose, forehead and chin areas for total blackhead removal.
  • Contains Vegetable Charcoal and Organic Ginger to purify and soothe skin leaving it balanced and soothed.
  • Our blackhead strips can be used by men and women.

How Our Blackhead Strips Work

PettiforeEdwards premium CLEARING BLACKHEAD CHARCOAL PORE STRIPS draw out all the deep-down dirt and oil that clog pores and leave those unwanted blackheads.
The strips act like a magnet and pull out the blackhead and pimple-causing oil and impurities. 
Our Patches are infused with natural charcoal and ginger, and our innovative pore strips pull out excess oil for the deepest clean available. Our premium strips contain a special water-activated component that ensures it binds to your skin’s impurities and oil.
In a matter of 10 minutes, you can remove weeks' worth of build-up and see visibly less oil. We use natural charcoal because it is known for its ability to draw out deep-down impurities and leave your skin clarified and blackhead free.
Don’t pinch or squeeze those pimples and blackheads anymore!

Try our pore strips to remove the impurities before you damage your skin or create skin that is inflamed and angry.

Our specially designed strips provide the coverage for your nose, and t- zone areas where most people find the accumulation of sebum and oils that create those pesky blackhead pimples. In just 10 minutes you can see clearer skin with less oil and visibly unclogged pores. Our strips have been carefully designed with your skin in mind and have been dermatologist tested and approved.

Our powerful pore strips come with 10 specially designed nose strips and 20 specially designed T-Zone strips.

Allow our premium pore strips to combat your blackhead problem with its potent blend of vegetable charcoal and organic ginger to clarify and soothe your skin.

When the patches are removed, the skin’s impurities will remain attached to the surface, leaving your pores clear. So start fighting dirt and impurities today with our easy to use pore strips!

How To Use Our Blackhead Strips

After facial cleansing, wet the skin area concerned (the patch does not stick to dry skin).Apply the patch, ensuring it adheres to the skin. The patch is activated on contact with water.Leave to dry for a maximum 10-15 minutes.Gently remove the patch and check the result immediately. The patch should be used once only.

WARNINGS - Do not use it more than once every 3 days. Avoid use on sensitive or inflamed skin. Keep in a cool, dry place.

The patch is dermatologically tested to guarantee safety and skin compatibility.

If particularly sensitive skin becomes irritated, it is recommended that you cease using the product.


5 star rating

blackheads be gone! my kid is less spotty a true winner

via eBay

5 star rating

This item is mostly fantastic, great value for money and easy to use. [....]  I left mine until it was rock solid and then peeled it (it did a fantastic job) [....] over all, fantastic product!!

via Amazon